A Fully Automated Air Filter...

EXCELAIR Air filters boast of owning a fully automated air filter Test Rig of its kind in the Middle East and providing comprehensive air filter testing.... read more >

Adjust Vertical Projections to Horizon Circulation...

The range of versatile design of grilles and diffusers are fitted with adjustable panels which help to control and adjust vertical projections to horizon circulation.... read more >

Worry not! Look no further! ...

Whether it is heating, cooling or ventilating systems, the inevitable yet heavy leakages is the scourge all HVAC consultants and contractors, locally and globally.... read more >

UV Resistant and Waterproof

Our aluminum foil tapes are heat resistant, flexible, strong, glossy and excellent for use on almost all forms of surfaces. They come with an inlay of acrylic-based adhesive on one side… read more >


Quality Products & Solutions

ACS has achieved many milestones and has played a significant contributing role in the construction of many iconic projects throughout the GCC. It is the ethos within the group to deliver consistent quality of products and solutions.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our highly competent engineering and production team at ACS form the core of the unit. Their forte is to understand the intricacies of unique designs and applications and promptly find workable solutions and adapt to any specification.

Value for Money

Our products are manufactured and delivered conforming to international standards and our advanced production facilities serve our global export. We give you quality and confidence in installation and work execution at your job sites.

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