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Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Co., Ltd. (AFICO) manufactures glass wool thermal and acoustical insulation products since its inception in 1981 with headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Dammam - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AFICO is the only manufacturer of Fiberglass Insulation products in Saudi Arabia with well-recognized reputation in different markets worldwide such as the Gulf, Middle East, Africa and Far East countries.

AFICO is a joint venture between the Saudi Zamil Industrial Company and Owens Corning Corporation of USA Under license and utilizing the know-how and technical specifications of Owens Corning, AFICO manufactures premium quality products comparable to those sold in the United States and Europe. As a world leader in the technology of manufacturing fiberglass products, Owens Corning brought a wealth of experience to Dammam facility especially at its early stages. Over its 25 years of experience in the field, AFICO has developed its own expertise in its endeavor to lead the market in terms of its high quality products and services. AFICO insulation products caters to the mechanical and architectural fields;

Its mechanical products consist of Duct Liner, Faced duct wrap Insulation, Heavy Density pipe Insulation, Pipe Wrap Insulation, Quiet Liner, Mechanical Board, Duct Linear Board and Woven facing Insulation.

Its architectural products consist of Board Insulation, Residential cavity wall Insulation, Acoustic ceiling insulation, Blanket Insulation, HD Series Blanket Insulation, Pre Engineered Metal Building Insulation and Roof Deck Board Insulation.


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