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Established in 1952, Duro Dyne Corporation has evolved into the leading manufacturer of sheet metal accessories and equipment for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning industry. Duro Dyne’s extensive research and development program has introduced more new products and processes than any other company in this field. Duro Dyne is specialized in manufacturing Flexible Duct Connector, Vane Rail and Blade Kits for multi-blade dampers these products were originally developed and patented by
Duro Dyne Corporation.

In the fastening field, Duro Dyne introduced the concept of self-drilling sheet metal screws. Quieturn Turning Vanes and Glasline Hardware for fiberglass duct system. Duro Dyne Supply Division offer Flexible Duct Connector, Insulation Fasteners, Screws and Rivets, Adhesives and Sealers, Air Regulation Hardware, Spec-Seal Regulators and Side Glide Damper System.

Duro Dyne’s Machinery Division is most noteworthy for the tremendous contribution in the field of insulation fastening from the first hand held Pin spotter to the FGMH Auto Shift Multi-Head Pin spotter System used by some of the largest contracting shops in the world today.


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