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Flanging System

Whether it is heating, cooling or ventilating systems, the inevitable yet heavy leakages is the scourge all HVAC consultants and contractors, locally and globally. Nasty leakages can reduce technical specification of highest order to a naught spurring AC engineers to scamper for an answer.

Worry not! Look no further! Excellent help is at hand in the form of a brand called EXCEL, the name that spells quality and performance in flanging system.

EXCEL flange (XL 90S)

Premium quality EXCEL Flange XL90S comes with an integral sealant which curtails seepage significantly. Integral sealant helps flange cling to the duct body tightly providing firmness and stability thereby creating effective barrier against any pressure loss. Excel Flange, Corner and Cleats are available in measurements of 20mm, 30mm and 40 mm.

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